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Miracle Pools has been serving North and South Carolina and Virginia for over 30 years, creating large-scale, custom commercial pools while offering the most reliable service in our industry.

Commercial Pool Construction

Specializing in large-scale commercial construction, Miracle Pools works to make your concept a reality. Whether as design/build partners or as subcontractors on larger projects, Miracle Pools has worked with clients in higher education, HOAs, competitive swimming, rehabilitation facilities, YMCAs, local governments, and military bases. Some of these specialty projects include 25-meter competition pools, community splash parks, deep water rescue training facilities, and aquatic centers. We strive to be the best partners on site while adhering to the strictest industry standards to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your project.   

In every phase of the construction process, we bring over 30 years of industry experience to the table, ensuring your project becomes a lasting aquatic investment. 

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Regular maintenance isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about preserving the longevity and protecting the safety of your users. The clarity of your waters, your equipment’s functionality, and your pool’s overall safety are all at stake. Neglecting maintenance risks turning your once pristine pool into a source of headaches.  

 Miracle Pools offers tailored maintenance plans, uncovering potential issues before they escalate and contributing to the longevity and functionality of your pool. 

Commercial Pool Repair

Visible cracks, inconsistent water levels, damaged tile or plaster, or active leaks indicate that your pool needs attention. Delaying repairs not only jeopardizes safety but also risks more extensive damage and budgetary strain. We are uniquely equipped to handle repair work in and around the pool itself as well as updating pumproom equipment.  

Allow Miracle Pools to inspect your site and give you several options to restore and rejuvenate your pool. Strategically updating the right systems can keep you swimming for years to come!

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Commercial Play Division

Our Play Division can offer an additional dose of FUN to any project – wet or dry! We can provide and install play features for playgrounds and splashpads, slides and waterslides, and enhance any outdoor space with shade sails or pergolas to add more useable space to any project.  

Miracle Pools is here to help make sure you can have as much fun as possible – let us help you create a long-lasting useable space for families to play!  

About Us

Miracle Pools, Inc is a Commercial Pool Builder licensed in North and South Carolina and Virginia. In business since 1990, our expertise centers around large scale commercial swimming pools. We have built commercial projects for private developers, multi-family projects, assisted living, higher education, indoor and outdoor competition pools as well as specialty pool facilities for military and federal clients.   

 We love to assist designers, owners and contractors in the development of their plans and enjoy partnering early on design-build projects. By incorporating Miracle Pools early in the design process, we can use our construction expertise to coordinate with the owner and the design team to produce beautiful pools that are both economical and efficient for the end user.   

Miracle Pools has multiple NC professional engineering partners that assist with bringing pool concepts through design to permit approval. With a home base in eastern NC, we are very familiar with local jurisdiction requirements as well as regional codes. Miracle Pools is also a pre-approved pool contractor with multiple national aquatic design firms.

Highlighted Projects

Click on any project to learn more or visit our portfolio page to view all of our highlighted projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pools are an amazing addition to any community! Whether you’re looking to add a YMCA, a neighborhood pool, or a local splash pad, we work closely with a team of designers to be able to create the right structures to meet your needs. Schedule a call with one of our Construction Managers today to begin the process! 

Miracle Pools works with owners, communities, designers, and general contractors in any phase of the construction process. We love the opportunity to come on board at the beginning to be design-build partners and help you create the best endproduct. We also estimate and bid projects when invited by general contractors or owners and are able to add value to the construction team with our team of experts.

Our Construction Department offers start to finish expertise in creating a pool or splash pad with a design and engineering team, and we have the crew to bring it to life!  

Our Service Department helps you maintain the structure, equipment, and chemicals required to keep your pool running safely and efficiently.  

Our Renovation and Repair Department restores your damaged pool, decking, or pump room equipment to refresh your pool and allow you to use it for many years to come.  

Our Play Department can supply and install the equipment for any playgrounds, water features, a pergola, or shade sails.  

Because we create custom concrete pools, most of the pools we build in residential settings are amenity pools for communities or HOAs. We occasionally will work with a residential customer to build a larger-scale or technically complex pool for someone’s backyard. If you are looking for a vinyl lined pool or an above ground pool, we would not be able to provide those features

For our commercial clients we are happy to provide this service. Set up a site visit with our Service Department to get a quote.

Our Service Department currently provides weekly or monthly preventative maintenance packages to ensure your pool equipment is being properly maintained and to be ready to help if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. We are growing our team to be able to offer daily services within the eastern NC footprint.  

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We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, or feedback, please choose the department you would like to contact, fill out the corresponding form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How can we help you?

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How can we help you?

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